Went on a sporadic drinking bender yesterday, drinking from noon til night.
Sleep last night was shitty! When I got up this morning, I could tell my body was pissed
off at me, it doesn't like suprise alcohol attacks. So to get back at me it gave me a throbbing
head and a churning upset stomach. My first meal of the day was a fruit salad and a lot of
water. Minutes after eating it I felt it rise back up my esophagus. I Couldn't make it to the
toilet in time, so it splashed into the sink. Gross, huh? I'm glad I could share it with you.

Car Repairs, Wandering Around, and a Crappy Cheeseburger
Today was mundane?

3 in the mo'nin
 The best way to cure writer's block is to WRITE!
Writer's block, give me a break! All you gotta do is start pooping
from your mouth.. or in this case, your brain. Your brain sends signals
to your fingers, to type nonsensical, poorly constructed, run-on 
sentences that would make your 12th grade english teacher cry in
pain! Where am I going with this? Well, I didn't start with a purpose
and you know how that goes. In any direction it wants!
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